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Join us for the 4th edition of Prague Film Awards in 2021!

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Congratulations to our talented nominees!

The 2021 Award Nominations of the Prague Film Awards are here!


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Offical Selection

Backwords by Dana Gelman (Israel)
Nominated for Best Student Doc

Bad River by AJ Reid (US)
Nominated for Best Short Documentary

Cohabitantes by Pablo León Olea (Spain)
Nominated for Best Comedy

Dieorama by Kevin Staake (US)
Nominated for Best Short Documentary

Hot Chocolate by Sacha Vucinic (France)
Nominated for Best Music Video

If We Smarten Up by Larisa Faber (Romania)
Nominated for Best Director

James Arthur feat. Travis Barker - You by Timon Birkhofer (Germany)
Nominated for Best Music Video

JERRY by Roman Przylipiak (Poland)
Nominated for Best Short Film

Roadkill by Leszek Mozga (UK)
Nominated for Best Student Film

The Dark Night of the Soul by Marnik Loysen (UK)
Nominated for Best Music Video

The Moon's Not That Great by Mathieu Libman (US)
Nominated for Best Animation

What Did You Say? by Mathieu Libman (Czech Republic)
Nominated for Best Czech Doc

Wings of the Spirit by Albert Meisl (Austria)
Nominated for Best Comedy

Jury Panel

Victoria Yakubov

Best Short Film

Victoria is a Director, script writer and producer from Paris.
Originally from Tashkent, former USSR ,she grew up in Israel and lives in France since her Cinema Studies in Paris.

Franz Milec

Best Experimental

Franz Milec (*1993) is a Slovak experimental filmmaker & media artist currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. In his artistic practice, Franz tells stories with data. He graduated from CAS FAMU in September 2019, and over the past few years, his works have been screened at festivals and shown at exhibitions around the world.
You can find further information about his work at

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